25 September 2013

Sick Day

And yes, before you ask, I realize the irony of this after my post yesterday.

Noble was sick when I picked him up from school yesterday. Cold & clammy & nauseated & sometimes feverish...just feeling puny. Know how I knew he was for real? He didn't feel well enough for Tae Kwon Do, and he LIVES for Tae Kwon Do days.   He pretty much just laid around all evening, and was ready for bed as soon as dinner was finished.  He asked for me to put a trash can by him (our standby just in case) and I kept waiting for him to use it, but nope.  You're welcome for that, my squeamish friends. 

He slept through the night and woke up feeling better but still puny.  Since Daddy took off last Wednesday to hang with the kids on fair day, it was my turn to take off work.  It worked out okay, as I was scheduled to attend 2 trainings today but wasn't in charge of either.  Here's the thing:  I could have asked James to take off again, or shipped Noble off to Grandma.  I bet Heather would have watched him, too, because she's just that kind.  But I've been farming the kids out so much the past two months and I'm ALWAYS there for them when they're sick--it would have sent a horrible message to them if I had gone on with my day as planned today.  Work is very important, but so are Kayci and Noble--after the past couple of months, I think they both needed to be reminded of that.  My gut tells me that if I had gone to work today, that would have been like pouring gas on the fire that is the craziness in my life right now. 

So, here I am.  It's not the day I planned, but I'm grateful for it.  I can't remember the last time I just...was. 

We started off slow this morning, but he perked up after Heather and Austin dropped by.  The weather was gorgeous, so we played with bean bags out on the deck for a bit until he got frustrated with the scorekeeping and wanted me to write out the numbers so he could understand.  For some reason he just could not wrap his head around the idea that five hundred plus one thousand equals one thousand, five hundred.  That's what I get for letting him assign point values, right?

I started to get antsy about my to-do list, so I convinced him to play inside.  But he still wanted me to watch him, so I didn't get to steal away to grade.  There's a lesson in that--I was all committed to just BEing with him today, and I was still trying to get back to my agenda.  Sigh.  It didn't take long for him to get whiny and tired, and I was reminded that he's home for a reason today. 

To change the subject, we went to check the mail.  I love fresh flowers, and I'll treasure these Noble brought in from our front yard. I'm sure they're some weed we're actually allergic to, but he's very proud of them and had to put them right in the center of the table.

We watched TV for a while and waited for lunch to be finished...

...then we ate and watched TV.  TV is the perk of being sick around here, y'all.

When lunch was finished, it was off to rest--I figure that's what his body needs.  He insisted on resting in my bed, and I think it took about twenty seconds for him to drift off.  Poor Bubby. 

Who knows, maybe I'll knock some work out while he's resting.  And if not, there's always later. 

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