30 April 2013

Project Life-Update

I got behind on Project Life after Noble's birthday-I used ALL of my photo pocket pages to complete his 350+ photo album of his 4 year old year. So, last payday I stocked up again...and it's been driving me NUTS to have the supplies on hand but not having time to work. So, I've been stealing a few minutes here and there with the immediate goal of just getting the past 7 weeks IN the book.

My sweet friend Mitzie dropped by last week, and I showed her our 2013 album. It's so easy, I want to shout it from the rooftops--Moms, you CAN make time for this! :) Mitzie, who lost her Mom a year after my Dad died, pointed out something that I needed to hear: someday, these pictures will be all that's left of our family of 4. While I know now that the picture's of, say, Noble's friend Levi, my kids may not be able to recall his name 50 years from now or his importance to our family. So, that got me thinking...after I get caught up, I'm going to backtrack and start journaling on the backs of pictures.

Oh, and I ordered a corner-rounder today! That will make everything look so much nicer in the album.

I've got 35 minutes before everyone starts moving...better go do a couple of pages!

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