21 April 2013

First to go...

Yesterday morning the boys went to hang out with some friends from church, and Kayci and I got to do our own thing for a few hours.

Kayci wanted to go out to eat, just the two of us, and she requested Denny's. We didn't eat a ton--eggs and bacon for me, eggs and sausage for her, and we shared hashrowns--and we didn't eat a bunch of sweet stuff like we normally would. Kayci drank milk, and I had water (only because I'd had 2 cups of coffee, loaded with sugar, of course, at home). I felt okay about our breakfast, mainly because it could have been so much worse (and often IS).

The menfolk stopped in Chappell Hill for some breakfast tacos.

Like I said, our breakfasts could have been worse.

But let's go back...

Wednesday night was AWANA, so we ate $5 pizza.

Thursday night James was in West, so I let the kids pick. We ate macaroni & cheese (yes, the nasty Kraft box kind I never buy, but somehow had in the pantry) and sausage.

Friday night we wanted to sides time with Grandma to celebrate Grandpa, so we went to Big Daddy's. It was good, but neither kid ate a vegetable (the lettuce, tomato and pickle on Kayci's half of her burger don't count).  They both had macaroni & cheese instead of a veggie. Oh, and before that we went to Blue Bell for a special after school treat since they kept their room so clean this week without reminders.

Oh, and the boys and I had McDonald's for lunch on Friday--stellar.

So, yesterday's lunch was sammiches made on bread Grandma baked on Friday.  We don't do that enough, just eat sandwiches.  But I feel better when we do.  I cut up some fruit and put it on the table, and when I asked who wanted celery or carrots or tomatoes both kids looked at me like I was crazy--and that, I think, was the final nail in our fast food coffin.  

It hit me then how LITTLE fresh, plain old, non-processed  food my kids had eaten since Wednesday.  We ate well Sunday-Tuesday night, because we had some awesome produce from Home Sweet Farm and we planned our menu around grilling and fresh veggies.  But then we planned Wednesday-Friday around our schedule and planned to eat junk.  Do the two equal each other out?  Somehow, I don't think so.  James pointed out last night how much whinier Noble was the past few days.  While I'd chalked it up to tired and busy family, there was also a little niggling thought that maybe it was the fact that I'd pumped him full of chemicals.

Because face it, that's what fast food and boxed food, for the most part, are full of.  If you can tell me something redeeming about fast food, seriously, I would love to hear it.

AWANA wraps up this week, and the first thing James and I agreed is that $5 pizza Wednesdays are officially over.  Which means Kayci will not eat pizza leftovers for lunch on Thursday, and I'm okay with that, too.

This morning James and I sat down and talked through our week's schedule, and agreed to NO fast food this week (besides the free pizza the kids will have at AWANA on Wednesday for the end of the year party).  Today we'll head back to Home Sweet Farm and get some locally-grown veggies and plan our week's meals.  This evening we've got some ribs to eat, and yes, we're going to break out a can of ranch style beans because it sounds good.  In small amounts, I'm not opposed to some processed.  It's just when we eat a steady diet of processed, we feel like crap and look like it, too.

One thing I've noticed is that when I don't plan for a healthy breakfast and I eat what sounds good, it sets the tone for my day.  So this week I'm going to bite the bullet and go back to our greek yogurt smoothies...cross your fingers for me, this has been a challenge with my schedule for MONTHS and I just haven't had the willpower to make it happen.

What are your food goals this week?

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