04 April 2012

Texting Giggles

Kayci's piano lessons are only half an hour long, so usually Noble and I will just hang out and play and wait.  Yesterday we had a little fun texting with Daddy, and it just cracked me up to think, "what if people could see the stupid stuff on my phone?"  I would be horribly embarrassed, but just trust me, there are some hilarious exchanges in there.  This is the end of a conversation in which DaddyBoy was confused.  Right before the first picture, my text was "get there faster."  (Friends fans?)  So, he sent the "mad" face picture.  Noble giggled and said, "wet's send him a picture with our tongues out at him!" So we did.  And the last picture is Daddy's "HEY!" face--that's what he does when Noble gets my kisses.  Needless to say, there were many giggles after that one.  Silly, I know, but these are the days of my life...

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