19 April 2012

Shirts & Stuff

In the middle of the busy-craziness of the past few weeks, I've had the opportunity to make several shirts and stuff.  I had some freezer paper malfunctions along the way, but all in all, I've enjoyed what I've made.  There are some new designs that I'm really excited about--I need to get back into vinyl and start taking orders, and take a break from stenciling for a while.  I miss the heat transfer, and weeding the vinyl to produce a perfectly clean design.  :)

I think I've already posted this one...a little friend of ours was baptized on Palm Sunday, and we wanted to give her something to remember the experience.  I like how this came out, and I hope to make more sometime.

More Easter shirts for some friends...I know, I just love the designs!

One of my online instructor friends had a baby boy a while back, and I wanted to send a gift for him and his big sister.  I tried out this simple scallop initial...I really like the simplicity of these, and will most likely do them again!

A friend asked me to make this for her daughter--the words were her idea.  Isn't it cute??

I was having coffee with the girls last week, and one of my friends mentioned that it was her son's 9th birthday.  She had an idea for a shirt but hadn't had a chance to do it--so she came over and we did.  It came out great, right?

One of the sweetest ladies I've ever known (and had the pleasure to teach with!) had a baby in February, and I've had the onesie and headband (I couldn't resist it when I went into the store to get the onesie pressed!) sitting around with a roll of white tulle.  I had it in my head that I would make Jasmine a little tutu, but it took me forever to get around to it.  I hope she could still wear the outfit when it arrived!  

This is a prototype...I have some work to do yet on this design, and the freezer paper turned out to be less than ideal since several elements didn't show up.  But, I love the idea--it's for a friend who's adopting from S. Korea.

The freezer paper lifted at the bottom of Maggie's shirt.  I was sad, but we gifted it anyway.  I have to remind myself that few things are perfect...including my work.  SIGH!

This is my LEAST favorite of all the shirts I've made, probably ever.  Blue ink on black?  Bleh.  Too bad, because it's for one of my favorite kids on the planet.  I hate that we missed your party this weekend, Molly!

And lately, I've been helping Lynn with some stuff for a baby shower--here's a sneak peek!  

Last night was a little rough...but I'm pretty sure I didn't dream a friend texting about making 15-20 shirts between now and Saturday.  Pray for us!  :)  

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