18 April 2012


When we started to redo the kids' room, one of the things I wanted was a silhouette over each kid's bed.    I pictured an oval canvas centered over each bed, but then when I went to Hobby Lobby I saw these fabric boards on sale for just a couple dollars more than the oval canvases.  I grabbed two and made a run for it!  Remember this teaser picture...that I never followed up on?

I started out by painting the canvases white.  Now, I don't know WHY--I should've just painted them the color I wanted them to end up, right?  Maybe I was thinking I would paint AROUND their white silhouettes, I don't know...but it was a lot of white paint!

After the white dried, it was time for color.

This project turned out to be a challenge for my Boy and me...we couldn't figure out the best way to get their shadows onto the canvas.  We tried...and failed.

Finally, Daddyboy had the idea to just blow up a picture and trace the outline on freezer paper.  (I think it was his idea).  So, I did.  Word of caution:  the iron did funky things to the acrylic paint--I was worried it would stay funky, but it didn't.  

And, the almost finished products.  Almost, because we still need to go in and paint in Noble's sharp hair and Kayci's curls...and we intended to put black glasses on her and a blue superhero mask on him, but I got impatient waiting for my Boy so I just did 'em and hung them up.  This was a month after we did their rooms and the day, I think, before he went into the hospital and then he had knee surgery...so there they still hang, mostly done.

Do you have projects like this at your house, too?

My brother got Noble a cool light saber night light for his birthday, and Daddy hung it right where Noble asked him to hang it.  I was most upset because I really wanted the silhouettes to stand alone on those walls...but my sweet husband reminded me that it's not MY room and they need to have a say, too.  Sigh.  But, I do agree.  I guess.  :)  (And Noble uses that night light every day AND takes every visitor in to see it...seems only fitting that it has pride of place.)  

So that's it.  I had some friends over last week and we were talking about the kids' silhouettes, and I realized I never actually posted.  There it is, girls!

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