17 April 2012

Another Egg-cellent Easter

I haven't taken the time to do an Easter post...probably because it was such a busy couple of weeks.  Probably, too, because our camera is broken and most of my pics are courtesy of the iphone.  But, here's a peek at our Easter week...

Noble's Easter happies for his classmates...this is from 2010, one of the first printables I ever downloaded.  I still love it!

MOPS/Community egg hunt...the Thursday before Easter, Noble had a blast helping us hide the eggs and then he had a ton of fun filling his basket.

He was delighted with the toys, etc. in his eggs...and even found a dollar!

Lori's Peep topiary--how freakin' cool is she??  So stealing this if I ever get to help with an Easter wedding.  (Just checking to see if you were reading.  Ha!)

After the MOPS egg hunt, Noble and I went over to Krause to help Heather with Alex's class egg hunt.  Noble played Easter bunny again.  I have to note, both of these egg hunts required no hiding at all--just rolling eggs into the grass.  It was a bit anticlimactic for Bubby.

After he emptied his tub, Bubby played Dork Vader while we waited for the kids to come out.

This made me laugh...he took the tub off of his head, then Heather said, "here they come--better hide!" He's hidden about as well as those Easter eggs, right?

The next day, Daddy had a photo shoot in Huntsville, then we all went to Ronny's house for our Clarkson Easter fun.  It just wouldn't be Easter without Ronny's kids...and one of them is going off to college soon.  Sniff.

We totally did the Pinterest thing and tried the glow in the dark Easter egg hunt.  It was okay.  We had more fun, probably, with the glow-in-the-dark bubbles GoGo gave Kayci and Noble--it looked like a rave in Ronny's backyard for a while.  THAT was fun!

On Saturday we were supposed to go to a helicopter egg drop...but they publicized it so well, we couldn't even get near the park.  So, we had lunch at the restaurant where my niece works (fun!), then had our own egg hunt and stuff before said niece had to go to work at said restaurant.

We had fun actually hiding the eggs this time...only a couple made it into the grass, the rest were actually hidden.  I think the kids had lots of fun--all of their baskets were full!

After the egg hunt, we decorated eggs...

...the kids made their traditional bunny cake (thinking of you, Grandpa!)...

...and then we turned those eggs into deviled eggs, a la Pinterest.  

After dinner we headed home so we could wake up Easter morning in our own beds.  Grandma hit the road early to beat the Easter traffic (nah, she just had stuff to do!).   The Easter Bunny visited overnight, and we had a wonderful morning at church.  We stopped by the house on our way to lunch (Taco Bell--feels so wrong, doesn't it?) to take a couple of pictures in our new Easter clothes, since we didn't get a SINGLE picture in 2011.  

The real Easter treat for me was taking a nap after lunch...then waking up to take a family "hike" out at the lake.  It was fun, though it took us approximately an hour to walk a mile.  Yup.  Seriously.

We saw lots of bunnies...but no baskets.

"I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!"

I mustache you a question...

They did the walking stick thing after we came across some hog tracks.  :)  Well, Daddy did--the kids quickly tired of carrying theirs.

We saw a few scattered bluebonnets on the sandy, rocky trail.

We ate a picnic dinner on our hike, then it was home to shower and start reading the books the Easter Bunny brought.  Noble got a Captain Underpants chapter book (his first!), and Kayci got the next book in the Little House series.  That Easter Bunny sure aims to please!  

This Easter was different, but it was awesome.  I hope yours was, too!

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