09 March 2012

Noble is 4!

It finally happened...Noble's not 3, anymore.  

Yesterday morning we woke up to celebrate Bubby's 4th (!) birthday!

Isn't it a blessing to have a live-in artist??  

You'll see more pics of this in a second...Kayci decided what she wanted to make for Noble's birthday on Christmas day, and never wavered.  And other than handling the iron (you'll see), I didn't help at all.  She amazes me!  

One of the many things I love about this kid--he was *just* as excited about this $1 sword from Kayci as he was about his "big" gift.  He thanked her and said, "I wike this sword vewwy much!"  :)

There's an army of these guys in the office, just waiting to get torn up tonight!

Noble opened every card and every gift...and after he'd open a gift, he'd want us to open the package so he could play with what was inside.  Opening presents is a process with him, and I love it.  

Wal-mart has Angry Birds balls now (this week).  I know I'm biased, but I think Daddy's creations are cooler!

Thanks to the Party Animal Blog for the balloon printables, and Polka Dot Party Shop for the balloons!  

The first of many phone calls yesterday...thanks to all of you who called Bubby!

Kayci was so proud, and rightfully so!  We didn't get a great picture of her gift yesterday morning, but I got one while he napped after school yesterday...

...see?  She did great work!!  

Back to the morning birthday party, now.  One of Noble's favorite pastimes?  Facetiming Uncle Wonny!  He wanted to talk to Ronny while he opened their gift...I love technology!  (And thanks, Uncle Wonny!) 

We laugh about it now, but I hope we don't need to be worried that 
he chooses the Dark Side of the Force.  Big, Big Vader fan here.  :/

Kayci's card--she's the best!

And today we're getting ready for his friend party--stay tuned!  :)  

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