18 March 2012

Happy Spring!

I'm funny about decorating for holidays/seasons...in my head, there's a certain order in which we celebrate, and I can't decorate for the next one until we've celebrated this one.  Does that make any sense?

Let's take March.  After Valentine's Day, I put my Texas quilt back out and bring out the bluebonnet runner--Texas Independence Day (and Sam Houston's birthday!) are on March 2nd.  (I know that's also Dr. Seuss' birthday, but this is one of Daddy's favorite days of the year so Texas comes first!)  Things stay pretty simple until Noble's birthday on the 8th (he wakes up to a decorated dining room & banners)...and that stays up until his party...then spring stuff starts to come out (St. Patrick's day before Easter, unless the calendar says otherwise...see, I think I might be crazy).

The truth is, you can't walk in our office right now because Noble's Angry Birds party is still sitting there in bags and bins.  I didn't get to cleaning it up over spring break because I was too busy enjoying my family.  Oh, and my room?  It's chaos from making a garland (and leaving it out in case I decide to make a 2nd!) and dirty laundry that's sorted and waiting and winter clothes waiting to go into storage and clothes waiting to go to the Mission...piles, piles, everywhere!

But amidst the piles, there are happy little pops of color.  I'm not full-Easter, yet, but we are enjoying spring color around the house.  This year, I've spent less than $5 on spring decorating.

Best $1.09 I've spent?  This fun little "welcome spring" that Noble found at King Dollar.  It's cute, right?!

And of course a spring-y quilt on the couch...not sure about the pastels on the red, BUT this reproduction quilt has a random red square in the middle so I can make it work.  :)

This is something new...I cleaned out some work stuff, and none of my teachers picked up my old handmade juggling scarves from my preschool days.  The squares of polka dot polyester chiffon were great for juggling, but too small to really use for much.  I couldn't bring myself to throw them away, so I decided to use them to experiment with a fabric banner.  I didn't like just one pattern, so I spent less than $4 on tulle (white, yellow, orange, purple, hot pink, turquoise, lime) and filled it in.  Then I used my Silhouette to make little ovals that spell out "happy spring" on either side.  If you guys want, I'll use the real camera (HA!  I crack myself up...I'll ask my BOY to use the real camera...) to take better pictures--the garland/banner is really cute!

A simple spring table...that's my Grandma's tablecloth.  When I originally received it I was like, ugh--green?!  But now I realize just how well the green goes in our little house.  And it's happy!  The kids chose a plant rather than cut flowers last week, which works great for me.  Less work!

This is a close-up of the little plaque my Mom gave us recently.  It says bless our home, and has all of my favorite colors.  Isn't it sweet?  Thanks, Mom!

A spring-y garland on the piano, which is crazy because I NEVER take off the red star garland...it just feels wrong to have this up there.  But, the colors do go so nicely with the ducks and the fun watercolor-y picture of Kayci playing.  I can roll for 3 more weeks, right?

And I can't show my whole room because I don't even like being in it right now, but here's a fun pop of color--since we've started keeping our quilt on the white side (as opposed to the hill country toile side that my Mom intended!), I'll throw a seasonal quilt on the foot of the bed to add a little fun to the room. This is a quilt Mom made for Kayci when she was 4 (if you've ever stayed here, you've probably slept on the matching shams!), and I love the spring colors.

I love it when people come over and ask if I sew because of the quilts...I give all the credit to the person who deserves it, my Mom!  I have nothing to do with them--I just enjoy them!

Tomorrow is one of my most favorite days in March...Daddyboy's birthday!  Don't tell him, but the kids made him a silly banner that he'll see when he gets up to make the coffee in the morning.  I can't wait--Kayci's side says, "Daddy is 37!" and then I had Noble write on his side, "Daddy is old."  Hee hee.  My Boy's been picking on me about being 37 and old since December...for the next 9 months, he can't say a word!

I'm bummed that I have to go in to work tomorrow and can't spend the day spoiling him, but, I'm also grateful that I'll get my commute over with on Monday and be able to spend the week working and getting the house put back together after a great family-time spring break.   I know I'm mellowing in my old age because there are Friday crumbs on the dining room floor...and I'm going to leave them there and go to sleep.


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