17 March 2012

Easter Shirts!

We've worn green today (including green hair, for Noble!) and had fun with St. Patrick's Day.  Now I feel like I can share what I've had fun creating recently--Easter shirts!

Let's backtrack a bit:  it was the spring of 2010, and I saw these AWESOME $28 shirts in a catalog and thought, hmm...I'm married to a graphic artist, we could MAKE those!  So, we bought the shirts and collaborated on the design, then took them to Creatively Yours to do the vinyl.  Here's a picture from my blog that Easter week:

Oh, my--look how young they were!!  You can't really see it in the shirt, but Noble's bunny has sharp hair and Kayci's has a hair bow.  We were so proud of these shirts, and if I'd had time or money then, we would have started cranking out shirts--I was hooked!  The kids wore these shirts again last year (and still wear them for PJs, if we're being real here), but they both needed a new one for this year.  I came up with an idea--the good egg--and tossed it around a bit before trying it out on Jackson and Piper (and of course, I didn't take a picture of hers before I mailed it.  It's like Jackson's, but with pink!).  I love the name on the sleeve of his onesie here...it makes me smile.

We had two birthday parties today, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do for them.  But...when it came time to do the shirts, I had trouble with the original designs so I had to recreate them in the Silhouette software.  I actually like this year's better, and I like that I was able to personalize these even more with the fun font for Ruthanne.

And the sweet lady who does all of the hard work on the shirts for us (Debbie with her press!) is going to meet a new grandbaby this week.  I wanted to send a gift with her, so I made these for the big brother and the soon-to-be baby sister.  I love the cornflower blue shirt Debbie chose for big brother, and the onesie with the ruffled sleeves is just too cute!  You can really see the designs here, and I switched the font again for the little kids.

And then there's my kiddos!  Noble is digging the soft, vintage-looking tees right now, so i put his design on an Old Navy shirt I bought to do for St. Patrick's day...but didn't get around to it.  :)  This is the first time I've vinyled a design over the pocket of a shirt, and it was really fun--James and I are already talking about ways to have fun with pockets and designs.  Kayci's shirt is one I bought for something months ago and she informed me she was too big for shirts with her name on them (WHAT??!!), so that's why their colors don't coordinate.  At all.  For my Bitty, I did a variation of good egg--with black glasses and a cute cursive font.  I love it!

I wish I had my own press and more space and money to have tons of vinyl on hand...I could seriously do this every day.  I love making shirts, and I love giving one-of-a-kind gifts.

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