16 March 2012

Fishing & Kite Flying

We have had a very laid-back Spring Break...like, when people ask Kayci what she did this week she'll probably say, "nothing."

We've done a bit more than nothing, and a whole lot of hanging out together.  One of the things we really wanted to do was go fishing, so we planned a trip yesterday after nap.

But...we forgot James' ID at the gun range on Wednesday, so we had to go back to Snook to get that...and we put Noble down for nap late since we were busy working in the yard yesterday all morning so he woke up late...and we got to the lake 10 minutes before sunset.

Technically, I guess, the sun was setting as we arrived.  It was beautiful, though!

While the boys fished, I tried to get Noble's new kite in the air.  It's a mini-kite, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.

I had lots of fun, and the kids each took a turn.  I had the most fun, truth be told.

And of course we had a picnic...in the dark.  I'm not sure what I was doing or looking at, but I promise I was a happy Mommygirl.  :)

Now back to today's adventure...

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Anonymous said...

Its all about having fun and there are no better two words to put in the same sentence as kids and fun. Taking the kids to the local fishing hole is about the best thing you could ever allow to happen. Thanks for sharing your experience.