06 November 2011

A Cookie for Me?!

The other day, I saw the new Silhouette Advent Calendar.  I put the link on facebook, thinking maybe some friends and I could have a craft day and make some.  No bites...I didn't think anything of it and went on about my business.  

Fast forward to yesterday.  We went to my Mom's house to spend the night; Noble and I hung out with Grandma while Daddy and Kayci went to see Taylor Swift.  When we got there, I noticed that there was an envelope with my name on it, but I didn't really think of it.  My Mom told me to open it, and it was a card.  It took me a minute to figure out that it was a birthday card (it was unexpected since it's like, 6? weeks til my birthday).  As it turns out, my Mom, who rarely gets on facebook, logged in the other day to look at some of Jame's pictures, and she saw my post.  So she ordered an Advent Calendar for me for my birthday!  I am so freakin' excited...this is right up there with the Silhouette they got me for my birthday last year!

The thing is, now I have to get to decide what I want it to look like (you cut the drawers out of cardstock, so it's completely personalized).  I've enjoyed seeing all the different designs on Pinterest and the various blogs this week...but it's hard to pick just one.  

And here's the other part of it:  when we were first married, I bought our Christmas stockings, runner, a quilt, and tree skirt at Macy's.  It's all very late 90s, with the navy/maroon/cream kinda countryish snowman theme.  The truth is, navy and maroon are my LEAST favorite colors.  I don't DO cream--I like WHITE.  For Christmas, I like brights--true red and white, green, some turquoise-y blue and a little pink and yellow...think vintage Christmas.  So every year when we get the stuff out, I'm glad to see it because it represents that first year and making our first apartment a home, and just blending all of our Christmas traditions together.  The stuff does make me happy...but the colors?  Not so much.  Don't tell them, but I'm over the snowmen, too!  

So, now we're at a crossroads.  Another project that's been on the back burner is a Christmas banner for our doorway.  I didn't want one that matched our Christmas linens, but I also didn't want one in the colors I like because it so would NOT have matched.  Does anyone else think about this stupid stuff, really??

Anyway, all I can think about now is, it's time:  time to bring bright colors back into our Christmas.  If we switch colors, that means we can use our old kitsch-y felt stockings, too, and make some grandparents happy.  

Sigh.  It's like we talked about before...giving me this Advent Calendar is like giving the mouse a cookie.  If you give me a new Advent Calendar, I'm going to want a banner to match.  And if I get a new banner, I'll want a new runner.  And if I get a new runner, I'll want different stockings.  And if I get different stockings, I'll want a new tree skirt.  And if I get a new tree skirt...

It'll be interesting to see if I do it all (correction:  if I get it organized for MOM to do it all, since I don't sew).  Or maybe we'll leave well enough alone for now.  I can't wait to see what happens!

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