20 November 2011

C is for Cooper

Mandy's baby shower was last week, but I was unable to attend.  I had a little fun with Cooper's onesies--I saw these cute tie monthly stickers on the BabySmiles Etsy shop a while back and was waiting for just the right little guy.  By the way, I love, love BabySmiles--I think I'll be buying my stickers from them exclusively from now on (and nope, she didn't pay me to say that!).  But, if you DO buy from her and you send her pics of your baby in her stickers to use in her shop, she'll give you a discount.  Cool, huh--we all want to show off our kiddos!

But back to Cooper.  I've been saving a Harry & David tin for a year...I just knew the right gift would come along.  I had to do a little work to cover up the MooseMunch logos, but luckily James helped out (a lot.  Like, he did the graphic for me.  Love him!).

Here's the finished product...I had a lot of fun.  I realized too late that I only distressed the big graphic on the top of the tin, and not the little ones around the sides.  Whoops!  

Hope Mandy and Shane like them as much as I do.  I've still got a little more to do for this family, but I'll show you after they see it!  :)

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