17 June 2011

In a few minutes,

my Bitty will be 8.  8!  It doesn't seem possible that she's been here for 8 years already.  When we saw her in the operating room right after she was born, it was like we'd known her forever.  Our big girl really is a big girl now...it's bittersweet to watch her grow, but to see her growing into a lovely, kind, smart, funny, talented young lady is such a blessing and a privilege.

I have to move on or I won't be able to (sniff!).  I don't know who gets more excited about birthdays...the birthday kid or me.  Okay, I do--it's me.  This year has been a bit of a challenge, as Kayci was set on her birthday party back at Christmas so we reserved it...then a few weeks ago, she changed her mind and said she didn't want a party.  I don't know if she really thought that through until this week...and I can tell it's been weighing on her.  Of course Daddy and I have several surprises for her, including 8 weeks of activities (skating, trips to children's museums, etc.) that we will do with the money we would have spent on her party.  Kayci doesn't know it, but she and I actually brainstormed a list of things she'd rather do instead of a party one day...I'm slick like that.  :)  So, I hope once she gets up and sees that even though she's not having a party, we're going to cElEbRatE that she'll be just fine.  I can't wait to tell you what Daddy's BIG surprise is...but you'll have to wait until Kayci finds out.  It's a good one!

Once the knuckleheads were asleep, we got to work decorating so Kayci will wake up in the morning to a birthday-fied house.  She decided on pink and zebra after she and Grandma made me the cool zebra birthday banner back in December, so I think she'll be really pleased.  She's actually made her own birthday hats this week (the kid has been crafting like crazy!) so I'll post pictures of those tomorrow.  They're really cool--the details she thinks of just amaze me!

I have GOT to go to bed or I won't be much fun tomorrow.  Here's what Kayci will be waking up to tomorrow...

Happy birthday, Bitty!  Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!

Love you big,

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