21 June 2011

A fail & a blank wall

We now have a blank spot on our bedroom wall. I realized this morning that my happy little fruit of the spirit print is...

...never mind. You tell me what's wrong with this picture. :) And if you can figure out how I missed it for six months, let me know that, too!


Melissa said...

Wait wait .. first there are 9.
Love ... check
Joy ... check
Peace ... check
Patience ... check
Kindness ... that would be caring??
Goodness ... ???
faithfulness ... ???
Gentle ... check
Self-Control ... ??? but that would fit in GREAT with your Prayful - which isn't a fruit of the spirit.
BUT ... that's a cute picture!!!!

MommyGirl said...

You WIN!!! Yup, there are only 8 in the picture. And glad you like it, because it's heading your way for the garage sale. What do you win? A set of incorrect fruit of the spirit magnets, only 8 because I went by the picture...not my Bible. Learned my lesson!!

Melissa said...

Well everything in the picture are still good things to do in life. :-)