12 June 2011

Baby Fever

It seems like EVERYONE is pregnant or has just had a baby.  Okay, not everyone, but a LOT of my friends.  I kinda have baby fever.

And I'm kinda not ever gonna have another one, unless we buy one.

And mostly I'm okay with that.  Until the fever hits.

This week has been particularly tough, for some reason--I think because in the past two weeks Noble has all but mastered potty training, given up sippy cups completely, and totally mastered sleeping in his own bed all night.  All at once, he's let go of being a little guy and is turning into a big guy.  When he stops wuving my hair, I might just curl into a ball and die.  Kidding.  Kind of...

So, earlier this week we heard something.  And heard it and heard it...a mama had put (or had) a kitten under our house.  Lucky for us, the little one was living right. under. our. bedroom.   Mama cat was coming in and out, so he'd cry for a good part of the day, it seemed like.  Daddyboy went to see what he could see, and the little guy was too far in the corner to reach.  After a couple of days, he came close enough to the opening for James to pull him out.  And, he did while we were in Houston the other day.  I started thinking, uh oh.

The back story:  we had two awesome cats, Buddy and Kitty.  When our house was on the market, they drove me NUTS...they started climbing on our table and just doing goofy cat things.  Things settled down once we moved, until we had a baby and I couldn't take the boys climbing into his crib (bleck!) and chewing on his toys.  So, Nana and Dan adopted them.  And I vowed no more animals.  And then Sami came back to live with us, until she didn't anymore.  Once she was gone, we had a family talk:  no more animals.  Seriously, no more animals.

You heard God laugh, right?

Yesterday we woke up in kind of a hurry to get to Austin to pick up the kids.  But the little guy's cries were pretty loud and frantic, so James went out and brought him in for a while.  He was obviously hungry, so my hero went and bought some catmilk (true story--it's a real product) and food for Mama cat, hoping to lure her back.  While Daddy was at the store, the kids and I got to play with the kit-ten, as Noble says.  And since we all know how this story ends, we started talking about names.  Kayci and I like George (as in, Curious, or, I will love him and call him George).  Noble?  Stuck on Milky Way.  Just...no, Noble.

I think the kitten thinks James is his Mommy.  It's sweet.

So, after filling his little tummy, Daddyboy tucked him safely back under the house and we said a little prayer that his Mommy would resume her visits and headed off to Austin.  When we got home late last night, I went out to check the mail...and he was sitting on our bottom step.  Poor little guy.  My heart sank--he was easy prey, sitting out like that, and the busy street is right. there.  As soon as I picked him up, he started to purr.  I guess he was looking for somebody since his Mama didn't come back.  :(  And that's that...or, the story of how the ones who were never going to have a cat again got a cat.

Stay tuned for the next installment or, let's see if he actually becomes an outdoor cat when he's old enough.


DanielB said...

You know nature abhors a vacumn, and even though Buddy didn't live there anymore, his passing left a vacumn in your hearts. I'm really glad you have George now, and I think James will make a wonderful Mommy. FYI: catmilk is also good for newborn squirrels who fall out of nests. Can't wait to see him, and spoil him like Nana's can do! Nana

MommyGirl said...

Thanks, Nana! Feel free to spoil him anytime. :) Noble has renamed him Otto...I think Daddy is going to blog about the details of naming day. It was something!

brenduh said...
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brenduh said...

I was changing out the boys clothes the other day. Time for new sizes. And I got the fever. I pulled out some baby clothes that I had kept and compared them to the new sizes...they grow so fast. No baby left. Big boys. :( I cried in Matts closet. Silly? That night I dreamt that I had another baby. I can't have anymore physically. Would have to buy one, too. ;) The fever went away. The growing pains not. Miss my babies.

MommyGirl said...

Oh, Brenduh...why do you live so far awayyyyyyyy??