13 October 2010

Not Interested

I'm all about recycled images this week, please bear with me.  

Last night, James and I put the kids to bed and then headed for the couch for our nightly 23-46 minutes of TV...and once again, realized that one of our favorite shows just doesn't make us laugh anymore.  It's been pretty rough TV-wise this fall, and I'd say we're down to looking forward to "Mad Men" (which is almost over, the horror!) and "Modern Family," which never fails to delight.  It's so bad, I'm totally looking forward to Brad the Bachelor's return...don't you judge me.  

I guess the bright side is, we'd gotten to where we were watching too much TV after the kids went to bed...we had something to watch every night.  Geez, now we'll have to find something else to do...

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