26 October 2010

Killin' Me Softly With His Words (so I paraphrased)

A few weeks ago, Noble started getting a little clingy and saying "don't WEAVE me!" when he thought I was about to leave.  How cute is that?  Unless you hear it every time you have to go to the bathroom, when he feels like you're walking too fast...you get the idea.  But it's so sweet to hear his little voice.  :)

Sunday night, Kayci had a little freak out over not seeing me yesterday morning (I was scheduled to go in early for an Evaluation).  She and I had a heart to heart last week and she's really struggling with the time I'm spending in Houston.  Unfortunately, I'm working toward a huge deadline so I'm about to head back for two days...that part can't be helped.  But yesterday, it was easy enough to rearrange my schedule to leave after she left for school...problem solved.  Or so I thought.  Because I was leaving later, it made more sense for me to drive Noble out to our friend's house than James, so I offered.  He was fine until we turned onto her road, then he popped up with "Becky's house?  No, no, I not go Becky's house--I go HEB."  Hmm.  Maybe later, kid.  We drove on, he was fine...got to Becky's, fine...time for me to leave...not fine.  I hugged and kissed him and passed him off, and as I walked out he was saying, "Don't WEAVE me...but I wuv oo!!!!!!"  (But I love you...nice touch, Bubby.)

Last night when I met them for dinner, Kayci was happy to see me (the new Taylor Swift CD added to my appeal, I must admit!), but Noble was ecstatic.  He kept muttering "and Mommy not go anywheres buhout me..."  Good thing for him he gets to go to work with me today and tomorrow.  And honestly, good for me, too.  Crap.  But now he's crying because Kayci and Daddy aren't going to Houston with us.  See?  Killin' me!

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