28 October 2010

Letter to a Dear Friend

Dear October,

You started off beautifully--cool weather, gorgeous light, pumpkins and gourds and decorations galore.  I vowed that THIS year would be different, we'd cherish every moment of you.  Then work kicked up and the next time I turned around, you were almost over.  Did you know that Halloween is just a few days away?  Did you know that today is the day of Kayci's much-anticipated Halloween party and my floors are filthy and we can barely walk through the office because of the tubs I need to find a new home for?  (By the way, October, why does our friend Organization bring so much Chaos with her?  She's totally worth it, don't get me wrong, but Chaos always takes me by surprise.)  

Anyway, October, I need to run so I can make the most of your last few days.  Halloween parties today, tomorrow and Saturday, HALLOWEEN on Sunday...we've got things to do, you and I.  Thanks, by the way, for bringing the cool weather back.  Well, trying to--but I have faith in you.  I believe you can do it today.  Tell you what, I'll work on those floors and tubs and you concentrate on that weather.  That only seems fair, as you cannot clean my floors and I can't do anything about weather.  See, isn't it cool how we work together?  Don't mention it, that's what friends are for.

By the way, October, thanks for being so awesome.  Don't tell the others, but I think you're my favorite month.  I know, I know, I say that to all of the holidays, but I mean it.  You're special, and I'll miss you come Monday.  Tell you what, let's just enjoy each other until then.  And be nice to James when he goes fishing on Saturday, will you?  The limit's 2, so if he could just catch 1, that would rock.  He'll ask you for 2, but you just do your best and we'll be grateful.

Love you big,


PS--Please tell November to take her time coming and going.  Thanks!

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James Pharaon said...

Well, you pissed off October somehow. I didn't catch a damn thing (but I had a great time) and now it's friggin' November!!!!