26 September 2010

Screen Time

(doesn't that make you think of Avatar?  It's supposed to show the sun damage on my face, but I don't think it worked exactly right.  I hope not, anyway!!!)

Confession time:  I haven't had a skin cancer screening in 10+ years.  Coincidentally, not since right before I had a pre-cancerous freckle cut out of my face.  It was a little sobering to realize how long it's been, especially since I'm such a freak about sunscreen and the sun in general.  

It's not a big deal, but at BTHO Melanoma today I had a free skin cancer screening.  Good thing--turns out, it's time to revisit the spot on my face.  The good news is, in the past few years they've made some strides and now they can use a cream to remove the damaged cells rather than scraping/cutting.  The great news is, it's better to find out when it's just a little damaged spot than to let it go another 10 years...and it is a great reminder that it's something we should all stay on top of.  All the time, not just when something's getting a little funky.  :)   

So go get screened, friends.  At the very least, have your hubby or significant other check your moles, freckles, etc...you know the drill!

(Before you blow this off, go here and read about Julie--she's Sherri's sister and she did everything right when it came to the sun, too.  It was very sobering to see her three kids at BTHO Melanoma today and remember that Julie was the reason we were there, because she could not be.)  

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