23 September 2010


This morning as we were all rushing around to get dressed and get out the door in time for a bakery breakfast, I literally stopped for a minute when I realized that I haven't cleaned my bathroom mirror in (gasp!)  a whole week.  Seriously, it's a week today--I wrote those notes to my Boy and the knuckleheads before I left for work at 5 last Friday morning.  There are also notes on the door-mirror.  After I realized this, I told James, "It's been a week--I've gotta clean this mirror today!"  (Never mind the toilet, bathtub and floor that need cleaning...I don't know if anyone but me notices those.  So read on...)  On my mental to-do list, I wrote and highlighted "CLEAN BATHROOM TODAY."  

Off we went, for a fun breakfast and a slightly late arrival to 2nd grade.  Noble and I left Krause and came back home for a bit more rushing around, then a quick trip to recycling and an aborted trip to the CPA (I found about $500 in receipts yesterday...yikes!  Thinking that could make a difference!) before Bible Study.  All the while, I'm thinking about what I HAVE to get done today.  

And then in Bible Study, the discussion turned to control issues.  (Now, YOU say Control freak WHO?)  I know our home is a control issue for me, and just when I think I'm doing better and not being so OCD, someone pops a mirror up in front of my face, and there it is.  Today, it's literally a mirror...I don't HAVE to clean that mirror today.  And I haven't, and I probably won't before I go to bed.  But I did enjoy my time with Noble today, including a nice quick nap with him (ha ha!) and I'm looking forward to a fun afternoon with both kids.  (Kayci saw a fun candy corn wreath in Martha Stewart Living, so we're going to give it a shot today.  Noble's got one to play with, too!)  My work--that I get paid for--got done today.  Bible Study got done today.  Crafts with my kids will get done today.  Dinner with the family and some cuddle time with my Boy will get done today.  That mirror and the rest of the bathroom?  Well, they'll have to wait a few days...I've got work and family commitments for the next 4 or 5 days.  And that's okay with me.  

This morning, my perception of that mirror:  failure on my part.  This afternoon, the reality is somewhere in between--it's not a failure, but it's not to be overlooked forever, either.  It'll keep.  

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