20 September 2010

Knock, knock...

Who's there?
Control freak. Now YOU say, "control freak, who?"

That one may be funnier in person. But it keeps running through my head today. :)

It's Monday...after a long weekend spent moving Mom into her new townhome/apartment. I'm happy to say we all worked together very well and all that's left are tiny details. As Noble says, teeeeeeeeeeeeeeamwork!

Speaking of Noble, two things come to mind: 1) I FINALLY GOT PAID!!! So that means we headed to the Apple store this weekend, naturally. 2) As we left the AT&T store this morning with a newly activated iphone4, Noble looked up at me and said, "We go Carbucks now, wight?" Who can argue with that logic? Starbucks was right there, Noble wanted a snack...and he was incredibly patient (for the most part, ahem) while we waited for freakin' ever in AT&T for someone to not just walk past us...but help us. I finally stopped one of the, I kid you not, 7 people on the floor and asked, "should we come back later?" She looked shocked, and said, "why?" I said, "because we're all just WAITING and WAITING." So then I got served, as I was the next in line. Sigh. Customer service, people. But I'm back to a phone with a front camera and a flash, so all's right with my world.

You know you have to be careful what you say around kids, right? Well, point proven. I visited Kayci's class this morning to help them put together scarecrows (sidebar: I take NO credit for any of this year's scarecrow, and while it's now how I would do it, I am happy that another mother took it on and is doing it. Mostly happy. The control freak in me is, well, freaking.). But I digress. I looked at Kayci's journal entry this morning, and I had to laugh out loud. The Washington County fair just ended this weekend, so the journal starter was "I rode the rides..." My smarta** wrote, "I rode the rides at the Downtown Aquarium. At the fair, I only rode some stinking weird boats for Noble." Too true, but come on... Admit it, you giggled a bit, too.

I wish I had a picture to break up the monotony of this post, but alas, I got nothin'. Sorry. Will work on that!

Happy Monday--yep, Bren, it's been a bit Manic around here, too. In part because Kayci didn't think to tell me until bedtime last night (when we got home) that I was going to school today to help. Oh, and by the way, I needed to take 20 scarecrows with me. Alrighty. :) So we worked on those together last night, and I just readjusted my schedule today. With just a little sighing involved--I really, really wanted to stay in PJs longer today. Oh, well.

As soon as Noble wakes up, we're back off to Krause to help the afternoon class wrap up. After that, who knows? Well, I know some of what will/needs to happen tonight, but there are lots of blanks that will be interesting to fill in. Like, _____ is for dinner.

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