02 December 2013


Happy December!  This is always a time of reflection for me.  I wish I could say it's because I'm so focused on the Advent season, but really, it's a time when I really rethink the busy-ness of our lives.  Okay, MY life.

The kids have so been looking forward to December this year, and they were very, very patient for the most part.  I think it was a little anticlimactic that Taylor appeared sans gifts this year, and that she has not morphed into one of the mischievous elves that the kids hear about at school.  I've been preparing the kids for the idea of simplified decorations this year, but now that they're in progress we'll see how it goes.  Kayci did not take the news well--she's a creature of habit, like me.  Luckily we can blame a lot on the kittens this year.


And nope, the Advent calendar isn't set up and I don't have any clever ideas, either.  I really, truly want to simplify this year.  It's funny--for the past several years I've been heading that way but I always get sidetracked.  When Kayci was 3, 4, 5, I prided myself on packing tons of fun into every single day of Christmas.  Then I simplified a bit...then I tried the 12 days of Christmas...then I simplified a bit...then I'd get busy being busy...when will I learn to focus on what Christmas is really all about?

Faith * Family * Friends

I know this.  Every year I try to keep the first things first, and every year I fall short.  So this year, we'll see.

Fingers crossed I can stand firm on the simpler decorations--we bought a bunch of cedar garland and I hope that will be the bulk of our decorating.  We also realized this year that we don't have a Nativity set that's not a toy.  Yup.  Luckily my sweet friend gave me the Willow Tree 3 Wisemen this year, so at least we've got that to start.  Now to see if I can still get the rest of the pieces...

This morning I went back and found a blog post that I wrote to share with some of my Mom friends who were interested in our Christmas traditions.  I can't find the original one, but here's one about a year later that still makes my head spin with all of the STUFF.  


This is one of my favorite blog posts, ever--I remember that winter as if it was yesterday.  That big ol' baby still crawls up into my lap, and I love it.


And I found this post interesting--2 years ago apparently I was pretty focused on simplifying Christmas.  When I think about Christmas 6 years ago, 4 years ago...yep, what we've done the past couple years is definitely simpler.  But I think we can do it even better.  And no, I still haven't done new stockings, etc.  BUT, I'm closer--I've started selecting fabric!


We bought our tree yesterday--we went with a Fraser instead of a Noble fir because it was cheaper and we had to replace all of our outside lights this year.  The kids can't wait to decorate it--the tree is the one area I've agreed NOT to simplify, because it tells the story of us.


Oh, and just to be clear, Mommy friends:  I'm not judging your beautifully decorated houses or your awesome themed decorations or your super-entertaining elves.  In fact, keep it up so we can enjoy them!

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