12 December 2013

Tree of Light--12/3/13

I can't believe I never published this one!  Last Tuesday, we took the kids to Huntsville for the 93rd annual Tree of Light ceremony.  James and I actually met at the Tree of Light our freshman year (November 30, 1993).  The Freshman Leaders helped host that year, and I reworked "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" as "Professor Grinch."  I have no idea if it was actually any good, but I know I worked hard.  :)  And, as it was 1993, I typed one copy on Beth's word processor and didn't get it back from the girl who read it.  (Who's now semi-famous, wonder if my writing contributed?  Nah...)

Anyway, the important part:  I was serving gingerbread and wassail.  A cocky boy walked up in his Top Gun knockoff leather jacket and asked for more wassail, and I said, simply, "No."  I remember it vividly, which is weird because I'm a smartass every day.  Now, I would have said "yes" if he'd asked again nicely, but he didn't give me a chance--he just turned around and walked away.

And hated me for 2 years.  :)  Like, made fun of me when he saw me hated me.

Then we met again because of Program Council, and eventually he loooooooved me.

And lucky me, the Boy I like loves me still and we have two great kids we like and love.

Life is good.  :)

My own little throwback Thursday:

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