13 July 2012

Grown Up Things

So...my Mom is going to my brother's house next week, and there's been some talk of the knuckleheads going for a couple of days, as well.  Honestly, I haven't given it a whole lot of thought--but yesterday, we made ACTUAL arrangements.  It's happening, people.

And you know what I realized?

1.  In Noble's 4+ years, he and I have only been apart 2 nights.  That can't be good for either of us, as great as it is.  Now there's a conundrum!

2.  The truth is, we don't leave our kids with others often.  We used to leave Kayci ALL the time, and Noble, too, until Dad got really sick.  Since we've been in Brenham, we've left our kids with the sweet Murski girls a handful of times, but when you're on a cash budget it stings to pay a babysitter (we pay well!) AND pay for an evening out.  So...we just don't go out much at home, but we do take advantage of Grandma whenever we spend the night in Houston and we try to grab a Mommy-Daddy date, even if it's just eating or wandering around Barnes & Noble.  :)

3.  We LIKE spending time as a family...but, our kids are older and it's important that they learn who they are away from us and it's important to know that they can follow rules, etc. and not act like total heathens when they're away from the rules of our house.  I know, I know...if someone told me they'd only spent 2 nights away from their 4 year old, I'd say, sister--get OUT.  Seriously, go out right now and get some time away from that kid.

4.  This might be the saddest of all:  last night, after the "they're actually LEAVING!" shock wore off, my Boy and I tried to talk about what we would do with a couple of kid-free days.  Go on--think about what you and your better half would do.  Talk amongst yourselves.

What's that?  Beyond the obvious two, both involving beds, and Jame's third, stir-fry, it's kinda hard, isn't it?  What DO we do when we don't have kids?  These pics below are from our date in Houston last week...Pei Wei and almost a movie.  We don't know how to behave when it's just the two of us--we end up doing stupid things like taking pics of our food in restaurants.  Help us!

So, I took our quandary to one of the wisest people I know, and asked him what we should do while they're gone.  Noble shed some light on the subject of what to do:

"You know, grown up things--work, watch TV, do stuff...grown up things."

Ah, yes, grown up things.  Now if only I can remember what those are.

I won't promise an update on our weekend, but I do know that the kids are going to have a blast with Ronny's family and Grandma, and I know they'll be okay.  And I also know these are the times they'll remember forever, just like I cherish my times with my Kansas family.  Sigh.  And then there's the other truth that's lurking...this will be the last time they stay there before Keely leaves for college and things change in the Clarkson house.  Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I know, I know, I'm a grown up.  I should act like one.  Time to work...

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