12 July 2012

Clean? House

I had two non-kid items on my to-do list this summer: scrapbooking, and washing the curtains/windows. Tuesday I did all the windows, and washed and ironed all but the monkey & orange curtains (not sure they'd survive another washing--have to settle for clean windows there!).

Boring, right? But in moving everything around to get to the windows, we discovered that we like our dining room table pulled out into the middle of the room...it's a little thing, but since that room's been the same way for 6 years it's kind of exciting. :)  Anyone else get excited over this stuff?

 Yesterday, the kids and I braved the rain to go meet my oldest brother so Emma Cate can spend a few days with us. She's 2 years older than Kayci, but they're peas in a pod. Reminds me of my cousin Nicole and me, with all the "shows" they put on. And that clean house?

Even I know there are more important things. :)

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