03 July 2012

Cuttin' Up

I've been saying for YEARS that I should just bite the bullet and learn how to trim James' hair between haircuts...even boys' haircuts are expensive.  Now we have two boys who need haircuts every few weeks, and I just cringe every time I lay down $17 for Bubby's haircuts.  So, last week we did it...we bought a decent set of clippers.  I've been avoiding them but over the weekend Bubby's hair finally got to the too long point--so this morning he and I got up and watched the DVD that came with the clippers, then headed outside to cut up a bit.

And...it wasn't horrible.  He didn't sit as still for me as he does for the ladies at Sport Clips, but he did okay.  He jumped a couple of times, and there's evidence of that, but I only nicked him once (again, in my defense, it's because he moved as I did the final cut by his ear).  The final verdict?  I need to work a bit on my blending skills, but it ain't bad.  Actually, it's a lot better than some of the haircuts we've paid for the past few years!

Here he is during...

...and after.

*Note:  see those boxes beside him?  That's our next big project...getting stuff in scrapbooks.  Seriously, if I don't get that done this summer I don't know what I'll do!  

And since he only bled a little, he encouraged Kayci to take a turn, too.  So she did--I nipped the ends off her hair.  Unfortunately, our photographer was distracted by his cereal so he didn't get a picture of the scissor cut.  But, I'll just tell you--that's a whole lot scarier than clippers, especially with a kid who's so concerned about her hair.  I think we've come up with a solid plan:  as long as it's just nipping dead ends, I'll try it at home.  But when she needs a hair CUT or STYLE...we'll leave it to the professionals. :)  

Alright, who's next??

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