12 April 2010


James was more than a little leery yesterday afternoon when I yelled from the shower, "Bring my phone! I need a picture of this!!!" Needless to say, it wasn't quite what he thought...

To rewind a bit, we pulled our flower beds out this fall because we just hated the rotten landscaping timbers, the randomness of the bushes and...whatever those things were. Our house has looked so SAD since then. Last week we had someone mark off the new beds, and this weekend we finally went and started buying plants. It was so fun! We decided this time to do something we've never done before...actually take it slow, think it out, and do it one step at a time (in the past, we've just bought some plants, stuck 'em in the dirt, and hoped for the best!). Maybe this is a sign of maturity...or a sign that we don't have money to burn on this one. :) Whatever the case, we set the plants out on Saturday and looked at where we needed to fill in, which borders needed to be pushed and squished. Yesterday we went and bought dirt and a few more plants, then spent time yesterday evening planting the first part of the beds. We got wild and crazy this time, and compromised on my request for commando gardening. At the far end, we planted all of our fruits/vegetables/herbs...right now, that's strawberries, squash, chives, cilantro, parsley, basil, tomatoes...hmm, and some random sunflowers and some artichokes or something we're playing around with. I don't know why the sunflowers are with food, other than the fact that we had room there. :) After we bring in a truckload of dirt, we'll finish the other end with the flowers and stuff...but even just sitting on top of the beds, they look good!

I'm looking forward to finishing the beds, but work needs to come first this week. (Big, big projects due...and if you've been reading, you know my schedule has changed drastically...I'm a little behind. To say the least.) Anyway, my nails are clean this morning, but I can't wait to get out there and get them dirty again!

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