09 April 2010

Glad ForceFlex--really?!

I usually don't get excited enough about things to complain or make a fuss. But today when the bag broke--again--I'd had enough. I went to Glad's website and told them all about it. Are you a ForceFlex user who's sad these days, too? Let's see if enough of us can get Glad to change whatever it is they're doing that make the ForceFlex bags suck eggs these days. Help!

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Kristi said...

Just an update...they e-mailed me back already and are sending a coupon. Awesome...but I e-mailed THEM back and said if they don't plan to return to the previous thickness, I'll no longer be purchasing ForceFlex bags. I'm not giving up just yet...but it's awesome that they already responded. That's one point in their favor. :)