16 April 2010

Live, from Region 4...

I know, it's not quite as exciting as ...from New York!...but it's all I've got today. :) I had a 9:00 meeting at Region 4 this morning to finalize a project I have been working on for 14 months now...hooray! I'd budgeted time to allow myself to be here until 11, to have time to get over to Galena Park and prepare for our 1:00 meeting. But, as luck would have it, the 9:00 ran short, the few changes I had to make took just a few minutes, and now I'm sitting here on a couch that's much nicer--and cleaner!--than mine, finishing my reports for 2 of my 3 other Region 4 jobs before I head to GPISD. Sound exciting? Probably not. :) But I figure, I can take an hour now to do this and it's one hour less I have to find this weekend...and I like to turn in reports on Friday, so I can stay on track. And hopefully I'll have enough time to finish up a small GPISD job that would help me be up-to-date there, too...then I'll head into the weekend with my day-to-day work caught up, one major project down and one giant step ahead with the remaining major project. If you're still following...that will all feel pretty good. :) (One of you asked recently what I DO...so my goal is to talk a bit more about work. Someday I'll take time to explain it all--today is not that day!)

Noble is at Heather's this morning (his absolute favorite place in the world right now...I swear, both of my kids would switch their name to Dallmeyer or Headley in a heartbeat if I'd let 'em!), and then James will pick both kids up at lunchtime and head to College Station for Katie's ring ceremony. (My GPISD 1:00 is too big for me to miss it...otherwise, I'd be on my way home right now...sad about that, but would be sadder to leave my teacher-friend out in the cold today. Sigh. With luck, I'll make the after-party.) Big couple of weeks for James' siblings...Adam turned 17 last week, and Katie's getting her SENIOR RING this week. At Adam's birthday dinner last week (pics are on flickr if you're interested), we talked quite a bit about how little they were when James and I started dating. Katie was a 3rd grader, and Adam had just turned 3...they weren't much older than our kids are now. It's hard to believe how much time has passed since James and I fell in love. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I'd taken a few other paths I considered. We had a long talk a couple of weeks ago--what if I'd stuck with it and gone the University route like I'd planned? James and I both know that I would have been married to my job, even more than I was to teaching...and who knows how that would have turned out. I'm 100% sure we'd have more money, and equally as sure we wouldn't be near as happy. So I'm grateful I listened to that still small voice all those years ago and changed paths...even though I didn't understand at the time. That still small voice is how, I believe, I stay in tune with God's plan for me. I don't often understand it, and I do often fight it, but I know if I listen, I'm where I'm supposed to be.

Man, I'm rambling...too much work time, not enough think time this week. And definitely no time to blog/journal. Back to that voice--yesterday, a new mom at MOPS really touched my heart. I won't share the details, but I will say that when I saw her walk in the door, that small voice said, talk to her. And when she said that she was starting a new business (selling a product I've purchased in the past but don't care to purchase as a rule), that same voice said, buy something...anything. So, I did...long story short, I got to spend some time with this mom yesterday and hear her story (well, part of it--I doubt anyone but her knows all of it...it's a deep one). Anyway, on the way home I mentioned to another friend where I'd been and she said, "I think that's so-and-so's daughter..." and it all clicked. The mom I thought I was helping out? Who turned out to need so much more than a sale? She may be the daughter of a lady who used to work for me and go to our church...who asked me often to pray for her daughter. Isn't it funny sometimes how those things come full circle? So God has opened a couple of doors there for my friends and me to help this mom out, and show her that people DO care, and she DOES have a support system, even though she's new to town. How awesome is that?

I've been sitting here typing for 14 minutes...I know I have 10 more before I HAVE to wrap up my reports. This is the good thing about having Noble home: I have become, in so many ways, better at managing my work time. I only have a few good work hours a day to work, so I have to budget my time well. With the big major project I was working on this week, James had to really step in and take over for a few evenings in a row, but he did and things worked out really well. Now for the next month I need to work time in to work on that project every day so we don't have to disrupt the family schedule so much again. I'm learning as I go...pulling Noble out of daycare was HUGE for me (I know, I know, it's not about ME) and every day I see that it was exactly the right decision for him, and ultimately, for our family. Our house is just a better place to be. Oddly, I'm more relaxed, which trickles down and makes the house feel calmer, I know. Now, the laundry hasn't been put away since Sunday...but other than that, I'd say we're in good shape. I hope James would agree!

The other thing on my mind this week is, of course, Dad. Monday will mark a year since he died. As we've gone through Easter (when things changed so drastically last year) and the days since, my heart has been heavier and heavier...but it's not unbearable. I've learned so much about myself and about life and about family priorities and family relationships this past year. Does it absolutely suck that he's gone? Yes. But I am also grateful that I can see the good things that have come in the past year, as well. Life isn't all good or all bad, no matter what your friends' facebook statuses would lead you to believe. It's a balance, and some days, it tips more one way than the other. Today is a good day and a horrible day, all at the same time, but I'll get through it by putting one foot in front of the other, breathing, letting what can roll off roll off, and rejoicing in the great things that are sure to happen today.

That's my wish for you today, as well: don't take what other people do personally--they're probably not trying to hurt you, and it probably has nothing to do with you, truth be told. Let what can roll off roll off, then keep breathing and putting one foot in front of the other. Before you know it, you'll be past whatever it is, and on to the next adventure. Take time to look around and enjoy the journey as you go...even when the journey is hard, there's something beautiful around you. Find it and take a moment to appreciate it. Well, maybe that's lots of wishes. Have a great weekend!!

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A Journey For Life said...

Thanks for sharing your wish for the day we all should follow that advice, thanks for reminding me. :)
Miss you and the MOPS gals!