20 March 2009

Time for Spring!

This won't really matter to many of you, but a few of you will be (almost!) as excited as I am...

James got our spring/summer clothes out of storage this week.  This has kind of been the benchmark for me--these are the clothes that I bought after I lost weight, had my gall bladder out, and wore up until I got pregnant with Noble.  These are the clothes I wore after I lost weight several years ago after my brief Quick Weight Loss experience...these are the little size 12 toile dresses that I'm dying to wear again.  I know that I've lost weight over the past few months, but I was cautiously hopeful that it was enough to put me back in my cute dresses and skirts.  And--with the exception of the toile dresses--everything fits.  WELL.  Not like, I can squeeze it closed and sausage myself in there, but the clothes fit comfortably.  Hooray!!!  So, my wardrobe just grew considerably...time for some shoe shopping now!  (And for those of you that know the toiles--I can wear them, zip them, etc--but they're so tight you can see where my belly button goes in, so we'll hold off on them for a few months!  I haven't worn the one dress since Kristen's wedding in Galveston...geez, how many years ago was that??)

Here's the hard part, though:  these clothes also represent my weight-loss plateau.  I lost weight right before Kayci's 2nd birthday and got down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I lost weight for Mandy's wedding...and got BACK down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I don't know what the scales say right now, but that's the size I am right now.  Here's the thing, though:  this time, I expect to go the distance.  Both times before, some major life things sent me off the rails (the whole year-long renovation/eating out/James on the road 3 hours a day thing for one, and getting pregnant with Noble 2 summers ago--which I'm forever grateful for that weight gain!).  Anyway, I was so miserable being FAT after I had Kayci, and I was determined not to be that way again after I had Noble.  I got off track for a while this past summer and fall dealing with Dad's stuff, but I'm back on track now...and ready to be healthy, and stay healthy.  I know in my head what it takes, and for the most part I've been doing it for these past few months.  I'm excited to see that plain ol' self control has paid off, and I'm excited to see what will happen when I start EXERCISING again.  So that's next on my list of "things to do for me."  As of Monday, I'm going back on the gall bladder diet--no meat, no fried.  Wish me luck--it's time to step it up a notch!  

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