02 March 2009

Mind Chatter

Whenever we go to an Amanda workshop (I've mentioned Amanda Letsos before--she's an amazing person, great friend and just an inspiration, period!), she always begins with Mind Chatter.  For just a minute, we write down everything that's on our mind (picking up the kids, what happened at school that day, the grocery list...you get the idea) and then we put that paper, and in so doing, the mind chatter, away.  It's actually a pretty cool technique and works wonders for me.  So I thought I'd start my workday off with some mind chatter, then get cracking.

First of all, technically I worked from 4:30-6:30 AM so this is just part 2 of my workday.  But since it's now after 8, we'll call it the beginning of the workday.  Man, 8:39 already??  I took Kayci to school this morning then went and switched cars with James at Germania...we're working with one Noble carseat right now which hasn't been an issue until he started daycare.  We want to have the same routine with him that we had with Kayci, where Daddy takes him and Mommy picks him up...but we're going to have to buy a 2nd carseat pretty quick.  :)  We'll get there.  Everyone had a great morning...we talked last night about what we were all wearing today and everything was ready to go last night, so that made a big difference.  For all of us to shower, dress, eat and do various chores and still hit the door at 7:40...big deal around here.  Tomorrow we'll shoot for 7:35.  :)  It's kind of nice to take Kayci to school when it's just the two of us...something that hasn't happened for the past year.  Driving away from her school this morning, I was struck by how WEIRD it was to be in the car alone.  I didn't hear Noble breathing or talking right behind me like I always do...I was completely, utterly alone.  I guess I am right now, too.  Hmm.  It feels different, that's for sure--I can really relax and just BE in this moment, focus on the job before me and not worry about being called away, and having to worry about finding time later to finish...seriously, I could get spoiled by this whole daycare thing!  Not really, but it's nice to have some dedicated work time for the first time in yes, I'll say it again, a year.  

I'm sitting at the table in the corner of my room, and it's practically perfect.  We didn't get a chance to move Noble's crib this weekend, so that's still here, and the mirror's still sitting beside the dresser instead of on top of it...but the room is clean, the sun's bright, the music's mine and I'm ready to work.  

Usually when I come in from taking Kayci to school, I put Noble down for a morning nap and then run around like a madwoman doing as much housework and work as I can before he wakes up.  But today when I came in, I walked through the mess to my room.  I did indulge my neat freak a bit and made the bed and picked up a few stray things in my room before I sat down to work--I can't have distractions, and undone work distracts me.  :)  So I'm going to sit here and finish the last piece of the course I'm writing, then load it into what feels like 50 classes.  It's not really that much, but it's kind of penance for turning it in late...instead of uploading it once, I've got to upload 2 pieces into about 15 classes and make the same changes in every course, which will be time consuming.  But like I said, it's penance...I don't mind doing the extra work that I created for myself by missing the deadline.  But that's neither here nor there...what's important is that I'm maybe an hour or two away from a huge, huge weight off my shoulders.  I got up early this morning and finished another huge project (well, this part of it that was due last week...ah, there's a theme here) and it feels great to not have that hanging over me, either.  I am caught up on my Coordinator job, at least until the reports roll in tomorrow, and I think a few good days of GPISD work this week will do me a world of good.  Once I wrap these 2 large Region 4 jobs, I'll focus on the curriculum/program work for PPCD/GPISD.  It'll feel good after all these years to finish what I started almost 5 years ago...and this time, I'm working with a great team who I really enjoy learning from/with.

But I digress.  To work then, and when I'm done I'll probably do a Kristi dance and then indulge my neat freak some more and clean up the house for Bunko tonight.  And go to the store, and put away laundry, and maybe enter some receipts...and do my best to not worry about my little Bubby at daycare.  :)  

Ooh, and totally off the subject...I cannot WAIT to watch the Bachelor in the morning.  Although I know I'll cry when he breaks the girl's heart. :(...  don't tell me how it ends!!

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