03 December 2012

Wonderful Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend.
I don't know that I "accomplished" anything.
The weekend was so wonderful and each day felt like it was several days...nothing was rushed.  There was time to enjoy each part of each day.
We enjoyed fellowship with some pretty amazing people, friends and family alike.
How often do I head into Monday morning thinking, man, that was a WONDERFUL weekend!  I'm ready and refreshed for this week?
So I'm celebrating, friends.
With a trip in to work, but still, celebrating.  :)

Have a great week.  No, have an AMAZING week!  My prayer for you this week is that you really SEE the blessings so abundant in your life.  And what you see that doesn't bless you or your loved ones, I pray that you & God can come up with a plan to take care of those.  Maybe you just need to talk to a mentor.  Maybe you need to take a few minutes and clean up one of your piles.  Maybe you need to sit down and apologize to your spouse or your child for what you said yesterday.  My prayer?  That those things don't go undone.

And here's my prayer request, as I am making personal and professional plans for the next year:  please pray for discernment and wisdom and vision, and make me obedient to His will and not MY plan.

Blessings to you on this wonderful Monday morning, friends.

Now, if I were a betting woman, I'd bank on the irony of me making statements like that BEFORE my kids are up.  This wonderful Monday morning might go all wonky here in a few minutes...but I'm going to hold on to the feeling of rest and encouragement from our wonderful weekend.  And I'm going to enjoy my commute today, with all that time to think and just BE.


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