03 December 2012

a little happy update-from Saturday

Friday I had to go to work (you know, my real job!), but I was happy to take a full mail bag with me.  If you missed the facebook post, this bag contained:

18 tees
3 onesies
15 notecards
and, of course, a whole lotta happy thoughts!

I still have a few orders to fill this coming week, and my goal is to find better balance than I had with the first batch of Christmas orders.  :)  There were too many times when I was working while the kids were outside playing or watching TV (judge me, fine)...I've worked too hard over the years to balance work and family so that my kids' time is protected, and I must figure out a way to keep a little happy contained, for lack of a better word.  I don't think it's that I have too many orders (although the number of orders have been a very surprising blessing!), as much as that until this week I didn't have a system worked out for working.  Tomorrow I'll show y'all my happy place (what my Boy calls the corner where I have my stuff).  It makes me happy, especially when it's cleaned up between jobs!  

That reminds me...I need to order some vinyl.  Now that's a good problem to have!

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