13 December 2012

Quiet Time

I started this post two days ago...but haven't sat down long enough to finish it.

I worked in Houston on Monday after a busy weekend, so it felt like my week REALLY started on Tuesday.

I was running in circles, y'all.

Too much to do, not enough time to do it.

You've been there, I know.

So, I took the kids to school and my plan was to come home and get organized.  So far that morning I wasn't having any luck--I couldn't get organized in my head.  My house?  Forget about it.

I had a bit of a headache, so I thought, more coffee--that's what I need when I get home.

And then I remembered Brain Gym 101--and thought, the headache is probably telling me I need hydration, not caffeine dehydration.

So, I had some water.  The Sonic ice helps it go down, don't judge.

Still wasn't feeling quite myself.  Headache just lingered.  I remembered I hadn't had time to eat breakfast, so I had a couple of muffins.  And yes, I know I should have had protein--have I mentioned the stress eating happening around here?  It ain't pretty, y'all.

Still wasn't feeling quite right, and by now I was frus. trated.  My morning to get caught up?  It was flying by at an alarming rate.

Maybe, I thought, I just needed to get the house in order.  Then I could concentrate.

So I started on laundry.  I still hadn't put away last week's clean laundry.  The laundry room overfloweth.

I'm more than a little ashamed to tell you that it took me about an hour and a half to figure out what was missing from my busy, crazy day.

And yep, this did the trick.  I sheepishly texted a pic of one of the devotions (Monday's devotion I hadn't read before I went to work, was playing 2 day catch up on Tuesday) to my Boy...perhaps if I HAD taken time for quiet time first thing in the morning instead of hitting the floor running I could have prevented an argument between us.  Ahem.

Point, God.

Friends, just a reminder:  there's always time for quiet time.  God's there even in the busy, crazy time, don't get me wrong...but I feel better when I make time to just sit down with Him.  And you know what?  I suspect my family feels better when I've had my quiet time, too.  :)

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