10 September 2012

Responsibilities--Part II

This is the scene in the kids' room this morning...

...beds made and each, I think, reflecting its owner's personality.  Noble was so proud of the way he displayed his "friends" at the foot of his bed.  Silly boy.  Kayci makes her bed just a little differently each day--looks like today was a straight pillow, Aero front and center day.

Everyone got to school on time, everyone was clean and brushed and fed and loved and prepared.
We owe it all to having great kids (not every morning is picture perfect, and that's okay), and also to their responsibilities charts.  This is something the kids and I developed this summer, and once school started it became clear that we needed to revamp it a little.  First, we added a second pocket chart so they each have their own chart.  We needed the extra space to add "after school/evening" responsibilities to the mix.  See, our mornings have been going pretty well, but after dinner we've been back to, "put on your pajamas, brush your teeth, get out your clothes for tomorrow..." every day.  Bleh.  I don't like to nag the kids (shocking, I know) and I also don't like the fact that they weren't taking responsibility for doing what they needed to do (and, as I have yelled more than once, doing what they know they're supposed to do every. single. day.  Grr.).  After I printed out the second batch of responsibilities, I laminated all of them--some of the older ones are a little water spotty from them turning them over a little too soon after brushing teeth, washing hands, bathing...we won't think of the other reasons.

So, here we are.  Oh, in the picture above the bottom row is their "extras."  We had been storing those turned over, but I'm too lazy...it takes too long to find "trash" on Tuesdays and Fridays, "frogs" on Thursdays and Fridays...you get the idea.  We'll try it this way this week and see what happens.

Maybe tomorrow I'll show you their revamped calendars!

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