23 September 2012

Birthday Stalking

Yesterday was Katie's (James' little sister's) birthday.  I'm horrible about stopping on the way to see her and picking up a Target card (sorry, Katie, it's the truth) and this year I wanted to do something different.  So, when we made plans to get together with them I got online and did a little stalking on Katie's Pinterest boards to find some inspiration for things for her new home.

I found two things that jumped out at me, and really fit Katie and Johnny.  And, I thought they'd look good on the canvases I had on hand (again, sorry, Katie.  Not that you read my blog, but if you do you're about to see that your birthday presents cost us a total of, um, $2.18!).

Here's the first one:

credit:  WeHaveaGreatNotion on wanelo.com

And the second one.  This one I wanted to mix with that other great Pinterest idea--a map of where you fell in love, etc.

credit:  sweetrosestudio

Here's my version of idea #1.  It's pretty straightforward--I had James help me pick a classy sans serif font and I cut it out of vinyl I had on hand.  We painted the canvas with red acrylic (red is one of Katie's favorite home decor colors) and the next day, I applied the vinyl letters.  Turns out, the letters didn't really want to stick, and I didn't care for the matte finish of the red paint.  So, I added another one of Katie's favorite things:  Mod Podge.  Luckily I had some gloss on-hand, and it gave it the finish I was going for.  I love the gloss--made a HUGE difference!

And here's idea #2.  If we're being really honest, this is actually my Jackie O fail reincarnated.  I took her outside and gave her a fresh coat of pink paint so the black didn't show through the scrapbook paper, just in case.  I wanted to stick with a really simple palette with a pop of red, so I found some distressed gray/black/white scrapbook paper and cut the words out of black vinyl.  James helped me find a different map since my first one was too small--I put a heart around College Station, where Katie and Johnny met and fell in love, and Conroe, where they live now.  Their love story really is beautiful, and we already count Johnny as a brother.  Katie found a great guy, and if you don't know her, she's really an amazing young lady.

So, happy birthday, Katie--I hope you have as much fun looking at these as we had making them!

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