24 January 2012


Depeche Mode keeps running through my head this morning..."let me see you stripped down to the core..."

...all because I feel NAKED.

Week before last, I lost one of my rings.  I *hoped* I lost it in the front yard or in the truck, but it hasn't shown up, yet.

If you've seen me outside digging by the front porch, btw, that's the deal-io.

I had a dream the other night that I went outside and saw it laying in the dirt, just waiting for me.

It's so funny how one little ring can make such a big difference.  Thank goodness it's not my engagement ring, it could be worse.

I tried to put on an old ring to take its place so I wouldn't feel so bare, but the weight is all wrong.


I'm glad my problems are my problems--things could be so. much. worse.


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