23 January 2012

Bento Fun!

I'm not sure WHAT is up with my phone camera...the pics on the last few posts are terrible.  Bummer!  But here I go again, anyway...

So, I saw a friend Friday for the first time in a while and she gave me a belated Christmas gift.  It was in a cute insulated bag, and I had no idea it was for me.  What a fun surprise, I thought she just had a cute bag (she's just cool like that).

Anyhooser, I opened up the bag to find great bento stuff!  She even got little bento boxes for the knuckleheads...but she realized as Noble was checking it out that her intention of pink for Kayci, green for Noble was out the window--Noble claimed the pink box immediately.  :)

I had fun showing it all to my Boy...then finding a spot in our lunch cabinet for it all.

Which required just a bit of moving around, but that's cool--it needed some spiffing up!  Cabinets, be forewarned:  James and I are coming at you next.  We're running out of places to organize...

So now I've got this great bento stuff ready to go...guess I'd better make Kayci a cute lunch today.  No pressure!

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