19 January 2012

Better Days

Last Wednesday I wrote a big ol' post about some heavy stuff.  It wasn't a BAD day...just a day of reflection.

And then we went to AWANA.  Bubby is in my Cubbies group, which is normally a blessing.  Last week, it was a test.  As soon as we got going, he started whining and crying because I didn't pick him first for the "Hello Song."  You and I both know that I was fresh out of patience but full of intention.

So, I told him--quit whining, or go home.  I didn't yell, and I kept my cool.

Poor Daddy had just come in from San Antonio and was looking forward to a bit of rest before we got home, but he came right over and picked up his screaming Bubby, who continued to cry for the next two hours and fell asleep right before we got home.  So much for a few minutes of peace and quiet for Daddy.

Since then, things have been going well.  I think mostly because I am calmer, quite honestly.  I haven't yelled since last Wednesday morning, and behavior around here (including mine, mostly) has been great.

A friend came up to me last night at AWANA and inquired nicely if things were going better (she read my blog last week and saw that Noble got sent home).

Yep.  Better days around here.  Super, you might say.  :)

Thank you, God, for my courageous, hard-working Boy and our two blessings.  
Even on the bad days, life is good.  

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