20 January 2011

Kayci's Favorite Room

The other day,  I was in our bedroom, putting away laundry.  Kayci came in and climbed up on the foot of the bed (as the kids do constantly...hope it holds up to all of the swinging!) and said, "You want to know my favorite room in our house?"  Sure...I always love hearing her random thoughts.  :)

"Your bedroom," she said...

..."and the living room."

And then she went on her way, leaving me to think about her choices.  Why not the office, where the toys live, or their bedroom, with all of the bright colors and books and her favorite things?  And I realized what the two rooms she picked have in common.  If we're all in the living room together, chances are good we're visiting or watching TV or reading.  And if we're in our bedroom together, we're reading or visiting.  I think what she was trying to tell me, on that afternoon when it felt like we were waiting for FOREVER for Daddy to get back to Brenham, was that she likes it best when we're all together and comfy at home.

I concur.

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