12 January 2011

All at once...

All at once, it's obvious every single day that my Bitty is growing up.  Fast.

The other day, I cut her toenails.  Not such a big deal...but they're BIG toenails now.  I was shocked...which makes me wonder how long it's been since I've cut said toenails.  Poor kid.

She's tall.  Crazy tall...and seems to get taller overnight every single day.  Seriously, those legs...so hard to keep her in pants that are long enough.

There are red spots popping up on her nose...some sort of preadolescent acne, maybe?  Sigh.

Reading?  No sweat.  She's definitely a Clarkson in that area--she can read anything you put in front of her.

Which leads me to this...Sunday in church, I realized that I've NEVER shown Kayci how to really USE a Bible.  So when we went to look up their verse Sunday evening, I realized she's got like, 5 or 6 Bibles, but not one that she can use for study.  I am embarrassed to admit that it never occurred to me.  Which is sad because that tells you right there how much use my Bible has been getting these days...not enough.  But that's another whole story--the good news is, my Bible and I are getting reacquainted.  Having mine out and just holding it made me remember how much I LOVE THAT BOOK, and what it means to me.  Holding it is like holding...I don't know what, but it just feels good in my hands.  And I want Kayci to have that same feeling.  I remember my first "real" Bible--King James Precious Moments, sent by Marsha.  I used the heck out of that thing for YEARS...long after I was too old.  :)  Anyway...I digress.  It was time for Kayci's first study Bible, and Daddy happened to have an early day yesterday, so we planned a family shopping trip.

Daddyboy snapped a few pics when we weren't paying attention.  :)

It was not as painless as you'd assume Bible shopping to be.  There was some pouting involved.  There was much rushing involved (on my part...the store was closing at 5:30).  But in the end, we left the store with a happy girl and her very functional, very appropriate, but still very cute, Bible.  And I was a happy girl when I went to write in her Bible and realized she'll forever have a book dated 1.11.11.  (Normally I would have written 11 January 2011, but could NOT pass up 1.11.11, come on.)

In my childrens' lifetimes so far, my Bible has been put away more than it's been out.  (I did use it quite a bit for a while, but then Jesse got ahold of it and ate the mementos I'd been saving inside of it which led me to put it back in my bedside table...3 years ago.  Yikes!)  When I've done Bible studies, I've grabbed whatever Bible I could find on the hall shelf or (yes, really) used the Bible on my iPhone these past few years (it's so easy!).  But when I got out MY Bible last week, it was like...coming home.  James gave me this Bible on our 3rd wedding anniversary, when we started our Discovery classes at St. Timothy's.  This Bible has been used and loved and carted around...and for the past few years, hidden away.  How sad is that?  It occurred to me this weekend that perhaps that's why I've been at a crossroads for the past few years professionally:  I haven't gotten quiet long enough to listen to what God is trying to tell me.  But let me tell you, He got ahold of me on Sunday and I suspect some changes will be coming my way...still working that out and listening...and listening...and reading.  It seems like it's all coming together quickly and pointing at the same thing...what I'm reading on my own, the Mary & Martha study, and what we've heard in church the past couple of weeks.

I'll tell you guys about all that I'm learning right now...but today is a commuting day, and I've gotta hit the road in a while.  I decided to leave when my Boy takes the kids to school today--since I haven't been away from Noble in months, I figured his second day of school wasn't a great time to NOT be here when he wakes up.   But it's a late meeting day, so it's okay to go in a little later.  Anyway...hope you all have a great day, if you're still reading!

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