26 January 2011

Attitude of GrAtItUdE!

November's gratitude project was great for our family, so I decided to keep it going...minus the cool jar. So I pulled out a fun journal and now at breakfast or dinner each day, we each tell what we're thankful for. I believe these "thankful for's" have really done wonders for all of us...and help keep us focused on what really matters. I'm thankful for GrAtItUdE!

Our gratitude journal (it just lives on the table...doesn't even bug me!)...

Some days I write...

...and on the really great days, Kayci writes.

If you haven't tried on the attitude of gratitude, yet, what's stopping you? Trust me--it will make a difference in your life and outlook! (Seriously...if you only talk about what's wrong...before long, it feels like everything's wrong. So, what's RiGhT in your life, friends?).

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