20 December 2016


After a year of telling people I'm 42, I really am.
I told my Boy that this year I should tell everyone I'm 41 (since I apparently skipped that one) and then next year I can just turn 43.  Seems very Kristi-like, right?

My birthday was AWESOME this year!  Thank you all for the birthday love--I am still working on responding to Facebook notes.  I got some of the cutest texts, too--y'all know me so well.  Amanda sent this fun cat--it's a keeper!

We started the day at home with presents.  I was blown away with how thoughtful Daddyboy & the kids were.  The boys started hunting for one of my gifts Thanksgiving weekend, and it sounds like it sent them on quite the adventure.  :)  Kayci got me a cute dress I've been wanting from Lolli & Dauts (our favorite Brenham & Round Top boutique).  And my Boy?  He gave me something I really want...a tattoo.  I haven't gotten it, yet, but I've had it planned since last fall.  Stay tuned on that one.  That gift means a lot, because I know the kids aren't into tattoos...I love that they gave me something that I really want, even though it's not their favorite.  

My Boy and I had a surprise for the kids, too--the last gift I opened actually had 4 wrapped gifts.  We reminded the kids about how we've been talking about experiences over things--and we told them that we had a gift for ALL of us.  Each of us opened something related to the Texans, and then we told them we were going to get dressed and head into Houston for the game.  When we bought the tickets, James was unsure about going ON my birthday...but it was that or Christmas Eve.  And I didn't mind sharing my birthday at all--what a fun way to start the break!  

The kids were 100% excited about the game, and the day was practically perfect in every way.  (Thanks, Mary Poppins!)  I love that they are cool with getting their big gift, an experience, a week early.  They seem to be cool with not opening a lot on Christmas morning...fingers crossed that holds!

I just dumped all of the photos from the 18th into this blog post...I'll hit the high points for you.  

Birthday donuts have been a tradition since I was 21, thanks to Lynn.  The kids and I *LIVE* for Shipley days, so it was fun that we got to do birthday Shipley donuts this year!  

It was cold on Sunday, y'all.  James Pharaon made us layer up.  We had several discussions about wearing warm socks, and he was very grumpy with my sock choice.  I told him that for someone who doesn't WEAR socks, any socks would be considered warm.  He didn't follow my logic.  But that's okay--my outfit was solid.  

Riding the Metro train is always fun--we hadn't been on it for a few years.  If you visit Houston, I highly recommend it.  It's even easy for those of us who are directionally-challenged!

Astrodome selfie.  Still pretty wonderful in our eyes.

Before we sat down, we walked around the stadium and showed the kids the sights.  The players' parking lot was a big hit, and James had fun explaining the tailgaters to the knuckleheads.  

I forgot to tell you--Sunday was Battle Red Day, so we all got free t-shirts.  Thanks, Halliburton!

Like the good Texans fan he is, James had us in our seats for pre-game. 

Noble was fascinated by the Susan B. Anthony coins we got 
as change when we bought our train tickets.

Toasty nuts are one of my all-time favorite foods.  The kids were concerned that I wasn't having a birthday dessert on Sunday, but I assured them that this surprise from Daddy was exactly right for me.  He gets me.  :)

Man, I love this Boy.  And I was wearing 4 shirts in this picture.  #layering

Our seats were in the highest section.  I will always pick high seats over low seats, because I have a hard time focusing when I can't see the whole field.  And, we could AFFORD 4 of these!  :)

Santa IS a Texans fan!

The people watching at the game was fun.  My favorite people to watch was this guy on the sidelines.  I have never been less than impressed with JJ Watt--to see him on the sidelines during the game was to see a man in his element.  Well, almost, because he wasn't in uniform on the field.  It's hard to explain his body language, but you could tell he wanted to be out there helping his team.  Take heart, girls--good men are out there.  

We totally staged this one because James always falls asleep on the couch when they watch Texans games after church.  ALWAYS.

It took me a minute to realize what was happening after everything settled down.  That's a group of players from both teams, praying together after the game.  That made my heart so happy.

Escalators up...walk down.  It was still fun!

Why yes, people DO still play Pokemon Go.  

There's one, now.  SCORE!

I love Kayci's face in this picture.  

I love our family of four more than words can say.  
I don't want to be cliche and say how blessed I am...but how can I not?  
I know what matters.
People matter.
And I, my friends, and people-rich.  :)


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