13 March 2015

5 for 5

I've discovered the secret to the elusive 90 minute commute:  get up 10 minutes earlier, leave 30 minutes earlier and do quiet time on the road over the phone.  And pay the toll to drive in the HOV lane.  :)  Whatever it takes, I'm getting at least 90 extra minutes in my work day so I'm a happy girl.  It's the little things in life that make me downright giddy!

I'm at Starbucks for the 5th day in a row this week...I worked at the Brenham Starbucks until my laptop battery died Monday, I worked here for 90 minutes Tuesday morning in between my commute and office time, I took James coffee Wednesday, we had our Thursday date yesterday, and here I am again, fitting in some work before work officially starts.  No wonder our budget is out of whack.  :)

Whatever the case, I owe y'all an update.  I finished the project that's been hanging over me since December, and now this morning I feel like I can finally move on to other things that have been on hold.  It's a wonderful feeling!  In other news, my online work is settling down a bit--although an intern did basically threaten my job this week.  I'm not worried, but I don't like being on anyone's bad side.

I'll work in Houston until after lunch, then I'll head home to catch the end of Kayci's last Innovation Day and pick up Noble and his friends for a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  He's a happy boy, and his birthday celebration(s) this year have been interesting...so not "my way" at all.  I guess it's really not all about me, right?

Happy spring break, friends.  We're almost there!  Thanks for going along for the ride this week.  OH--and a BIG thanks to Heather for cooking for us last night.  We had such a great time just hanging out at their house and relaxing, and then to get a healthy home cooked meal?  Such a blessing!  My poor family, the closest I came to cooking this week was sliders Wednesday night.  :)

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Heather said...

We always love spending time with the Pharaon family! Glad yall came over! I don't know how healthy it was, but it was better then McDonalds!