24 July 2013


Summer has been great so far...but it's been a LOT different than I imagined.  I really hoped to be a lot further (farther?) along with my Project Life books by now, but I just haven't had time to work.  Well, next week I've got a 3-day workshop, and the week after that Kayci is at music camp for 3 days and I'll be chaperoning and work pretty well hasn't stopped and it'll be time for meetings and staff development before I know it...I'm tired thinking about all of it, frankly.

Sunday, I got out my stuff--the dreaded stacks of pictures and STUFF, things that have been waiting to go into a scrapbook.  You know, the scrapbook I haven't touched since STAAR testing back in April.  Yup, I have 3 months to catch up on.  (And then there's the wedding album I want to finish and my whole lifetime of photos I want to get in books...guessing I'm not going to get to one or both of those anytime soon!)  Back to Sunday...I got it out and sat it on the dining room table.  Monday morning I got up early and I got it all arranged by date (no small feat when it's 3 months of my packratting to go through).  I also cleaned house and got a lot of work done Monday...not sure how all that happened.  We've had company since Monday afternoon (Uncle Adam has been visiting!), so I felt guilty for taking up the dining room table and I brought it all into our bedroom yesterday morning early and put the tablecloth back on the table so it would look nicer.  Clutter bugs me...ironic, no?

Anyway...so yesterday morning after I dragged it all back into our room, I decided to see what I could get done before the kids woke up.  So I got started.  Noble woke up a couple of hours later, and I kept working while he sat on the bed with me.  When I stacked it all up and put it on my desk, it seemed like I still had a big ol' stack of stuff to go through.  But I was encouraged, because I was making progress.

This morning after quiet time, I pulled it out again.  After I worked for a while, I counted...I've filled 14 sheet protectors since yesterday morning--that's 28 pages.  And, I'm in the first week of June!  It's hard to whittle stuff down to fit a week into 1 page, so I haven't worried about that so much as keeping stuff chronological.  Some pages are just ONE DAY (like their last days of school), and I'm okay with that.  If I get all legalistic, I won't enjoy it as much.

Here's where I am now...I obviously need to clean my phone case.  Sorry about the bad picture!

OH!  Here's what's making it go so quickly...my 3x4 punch arrived last week!  That's what really pushed me to get going and get caught up.  Well, that and the rapidly-approaching end to summer.  Sigh.

But I am LOVING the punch--it makes a huge difference, and I love how professional the pictures look with the rounded edges.  I also bought a corner rounder a couple of months ago, but I haven't actually used it until today.  I figure I'll go back and round corners once I get this giant stack of stuff IN the binder...and I'll also backtrack and do the journaling.  Right now my goal is to get stuff IN the book, get up to date, and I'll take it with me to Kayci's music camp to work on when I have some time.  It'll be so much easier to transport a binder than a box of stuff and punches and cards...I don't see me ever being the type to carry scrapbooking supplies around, but I figure I can take a binder and a marker!

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