02 June 2013

Day 2: in my hood

This evening the whole family went with Daddy on a bridal portrait shoot.  It was a lot of fun; the bride is actually an old friend's little sister.  They're a fun, fun family--I can't wait for the wedding!

We took a gamble and planned on taking the knuckleheads with us, and they didn't let us down.  They were awesome!  It probably didn't hurt that we promised to pay them up to $10 if they worked hard, even if their work was waiting or being quiet.  Whatever, they were so good!  I'm not proud, y'all--I bribe my kids.  The not-so-secret is out!

Well, I remembered the photo-a-day prompt at the last minute and snapped this before Daddyboy got Noble out of the car.  He fell asleep, you guessed it, right as we pulled into our 'hood.

Sweet boy.  He must have been crazy tired to fall asleep so fast and so completely!  

Off to bed, early work day tomorrow.  The kids will get to tag along with me since my summer hasn't started, yet, but they're excited.  We'll see how excited they are tomorrow!

Sweet dreams!

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