30 August 2012

Off to work I go...

Last night I got home from a meeting at church to find both kids with red eyes and noses.  Apparently, bed time brought lots of tears last night.  Poor Kayci ended up crying herself to sleep.  Poor Daddy probably would have liked to do the same!  It's like this every year the night before my first commute day--you'd think by now it would be easier.  I think having a "real" summer with the knuckleheads this year is making the transition even harder, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I'm grateful that it worked out that I didn't have a Wednesday work day this week (Mom's move went GREAT yesterday!), and today should be a great day at work.  I know once they get to school, the kids will have great days, too.  

But maybe take a minute to pray for them and DaddyBoy this morning...hoping they won't need it, but just in case.  

Next week will be easier, and before long, they won't even know I'm gone on work mornings.  

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