24 August 2010

Oh, yeah...school

So I got up at 5:30, did a little laundry, cleaned a little root beer float off the floor, then settled on the couch with a chick flick, my laptop and the work I needed to finish um...last week. I just looked up at the clock, and it's official:
early morning. FAIL.

Now I need to put the laptop and work away until Noble takes a nap, and get up and work on Kayci's lunch for today before she wakes up and it's time for breakfast and outfit and...life.

Kayci had a good (possibly great!) first day of school. :) After school, we went to BlueBell with the Dallmeyers for a treat, then we had another treat--Kayci leveled up in gymnastics!

And she's up...early, now that she can set her own alarm. (Taylor Swift on the iphone--my, how times have changed!) Hope you all have a great day. I'll try this work thing again a little later...

:) me

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