17 October 2015

Happy Places

I don't have all the answers, but I know that each of us has a happy place.

For Bubby, that place is with us.

For DaddyBoy, it's a great bbq place and better company.

For me, it's the hammock. And when my Boy stops and enjoys it with me, it's even happier.

Kayci started off the day with Jenna's family, and I'd say anywhere they are is a happy place for Bitty. We've had a great afternoon together, and when I asked what she wanted to do, my girl wanted to work on her history project. I'm happy to have time to work on my planner. And sit here with her, listening when she wants to talk. Just being. And typing this, so totally not being productive. Just trying to be better about documenting. :)

The boys are off riding bikes (Noble's only request for this weekend, other than, "Can I sleep with you?" last night). I think Bubby would say that anyplace with Daddy is his happy place.

Where or what is your happy place?

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